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Free. Unlimited. Forever.

Truly unlimited tickets and events. No limits in the number of events or attendees you host. Free to use. Forever.

Attendee Profiles & Digital Business Cards

Ditch the awkward networking “ice-breaker” apps. Nouri built-in networking tools make this experience seamless and professional.

Email & SMS Invites

With Nouri you can send emails & SMS messages to everyone invited to your event. Need to follow up after your events? Automated follow up emails and text messages are just as easy.

AI-Enabled Connections

Introverts coming to your event? No worries. Our AI is able to bridge the gap and show your attendees who they already know at your event.

How to create an event

Step 1 - Event Details

Creating events with Nouri is fast and easy. After creating an account, you’ll be directed to the “create an event” page.

  • Provide your event information
    • Event Name
    • Times & Dates
    • Banner / Image
    • Tags
    • Description
    • Agenda
    • Custom Signup Questions

Step 2 — Ticketing & Payments

With Nouri you can create simple single ticket registrations to multi-ticket options, include add-ons and advanced options subscription options such as memberships.

  • Tickets (free & paid)
  • Group Assignments (per ticket type)
  • Discount Codes
  • Add-Ons (like swag)
  • Other Features:
    • Add Collaborators
    • Manage Stripe Settings
    • Create Private Tickets

Step 3 — Publish

And you’re done!

Nouri let’s you publish your event publicly or to keep privately. As well as to schedule the publication of your event. Every Nouri event automatically generates a QR code for your convenience as well.

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