Yin on Fire
Sep. 14, 2023 12:00 PM • Sep. 17, 2023 12:00 PM
Yin on Fire

Yin on Fire: A Collective Healing Festival

An experience you won't find anywhere else!

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Unifying and harmonizing the feminine and masculine within all of us.

A Festival for Women and Men 18 - 81+

September 14 - September 17, 2023

Three Peak Oasis- Cedar City, UT

(3 hours from SLC or Las Vegas)

Imagine going to a beautiful remote space of safety where you'll spend four days and three nights fully immersed in healing. Imagine having hundreds of workshops to choose from and thought leaders sharing information from a stadium stage, or simply learning from others. Imagine dancing and celebrating together to conscious music and entertainment. Imagine playing in a man made lake and sliding down waterslide and zip lines.

Imagine This...


The return and rise of feminine energy and blending of the feminine and masculine through healing and celebration practices including music, art, sharing and movement.


Burn it Down and Light it Up!


The symbolism of fire will allow us to reflect on our collective human past, present, and future. We will burn symbols of our own limiting stories and then light fires of passion and creation and leave the event ready to light the world on fire with the possibilities of love, connection and community!



This event is a celebration of the global rise in consciousness. As a collective, we will recognize and honor the feminine energy within all of us.

Come + Unity = Community


Come and ignite this community by sharing your spiritual gifts, knowledge and healing practices with others. You will be invited to exchange goods and services with other participants free of charge, in a spirit of service and reciprocity. This beautiful form of exchange will facilitate connections of the heart and soul and support healing that will help you uncover and remember your true essence. 



In addition to your own personal exchanges, share in collective experiences from the stadium stage including uplifting messages, conscious music, group yoga, meditation, and breath work sessions, and dance. Celebrate burning the old and lighting the new. 

Self- Expression


Feel safe as you discover your inner child. Play, heal and grow, with others through workshops, ecstatic dance, and water attractions. Enjoy the labyrinth, meditation, and other activities to go within.



Celebrate life and connection to others. Dance to the music, play the drums, burn the programs and beliefs of the past and leave renewed and on fire. You are part of the Yin on Fire community and lifestyle.


Please visit our website for full info, FAQs, and more



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